Friday, 15 June 2018

Weekly Learning Review - Week Ending: 14.06.2018

Weekly Learning Review
Class: Year 6           Week Ending:  14.6.18
In literacy, the children have continued to write for a particular purpose and create a valid argument against the general idea of setting homework in a primary school. The children had lots of fun suggesting many valid reasons why homework is not always a good idea! They then set to work on writing their argument using a specific format. The children also practised picking out key information from the key through comprehension activities.
In mathematics, the children consolidated their learning of division . They were given revision packs to work on through the holiday in preparation for the upcoming assessments.
The children researched general information on four European countries. In groups, the children were assigned a specific country and discussed historic sites, currency, famous people, weather and landscape of these places.
The children completed the review the ‘Material Changes’ theme of learning.

Miss Nisreen
Miss Nirvana

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