Friday, 1 June 2018

Weekly Learning Review - Week Ending: 31st of May 2018

Class: Year 6           Week Ending:  31.5.18
This week, the children identified the format of a script. After using drama and role play to act out a Newsflash, the children wrote scripts in order to prepare for a television broadcast. In grammar, they wrote specific rules for when to use speech marks. They also played a game called ‘Call My Bluff’ and wrote two rules that apply to use speech marks with one ‘bluff’ rule ie a rule that does not apply. The children read out all three rules and, in teams, decided which rule was wrong or the ‘bluff’. Through a comprehension activity, the children answered questions from a newspaper report about a ‘Walking Train’. They learned to pick out key information from the text. They also learned to read at least three of the comprehension questions before reading the whole body of the text. By doing this, they are training their brain to look for ‘signposts’ as they read thus making the answering process a little easier.
In mathematics, the children learned to identify transformations; using vocabulary such as ‘reflection’, ‘rotation’ and ‘translation’. They learned to draw shapes through various transformations and think abstractly to predict how a shape would look transformed in a certain way.
We discussed, thoughtfully, a unit entitled ‘Begin with the End in Mind’. We thought about goals and targets and the ‘why’ and ‘how’- Why do we want to achieve this? How will we achieve this?
The children visited the Science Laboratory and reviewed the learning about ‘Material Changes’. They discussed ‘reversible’ changes eg water may be changed into solid, liquid and gas and ‘irreversible’ changes eg when a seed germinates and grows into a plant. They also learned how to separate and mix solids.

Miss Nisreen
Miss Nirvana

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