Thursday, 3 May 2018

Weekly Learning Review- Week Ending: 3 May 2018

Weekly Learning Review

Class: Year 6           Week Ending:  3 May 2018
This week, the children developed their own ‘Success Criteria’ in order to aid writing a fantastic piece of prose. They included elements such as personification, alliteration and hyperbole as well as the more recognised aspects of writing such as the use of capital letters at the beginning of a sentence and a full stop at the end. They have also been learning the weekly spellings with the ‘ph’ sound. Some words are rather challenging and the children have been learning definitions at school. It is so important that the children understand the meaning of each spelling word. Once understood, there is more likelihood that the words will be used independently both in the correct context and spelled correctly! The children have also been working on developing comprehension skills; tackling more challenging texts and picking out key information.
In mathematics, the children have been learning to multiply 3 digit decimal numbers by 3 digit decimal numbers. The children have been challenged to solve these problems independently and encouraged to explain the reasoning orally.Through trial and error, the children have learned the importance of setting out calculations methodically; focussing on presentation and for some, improving number formation!
In science, the children were introduced to the theme ‘Materials’. Through a ‘Knowledge Harvest’, the children discussed what they know already about the theme and what they would like to find out about in the coming weeks.

The children have been learning to recognise ‘Creativity’ in themselves and in those around them. Thinking differently should be celebrated and encouraged. The children listened to a whole school assembly regarding this Personal Learning Goal and learned that thinking creatively might help to solve worldwide problems.

Miss Nisreen

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