Saturday, 19 May 2018

Weekly Learning Review -Week Ending: 17th of May

Class: Year 6           Week Ending:  17.5.18
This week, the children learned how to recognise and write reported speech. They understand that this can be an important tool for writers in order to make their writing more interesting. They also identified non- fiction reports and the listed the features of written reports. They read through various reports as a comprehension activity and answered questions in order to gain understanding. The children also began to plan and write their own non- fiction reports.
In mathematics, the children have been learning the vocabulary of capacity. They estimated the capacity of containers and learned the standard units of measurement such as ‘centilitre’, ‘millilitre’ and ‘litre’. They also solved word problems involving capacity. The children also solved problems involving probability and used language such as ‘likely’, ‘probable’, ‘least likely’ and ‘impossible’.
The children undertook a House Competition this week based upon the World Cup. Through this, they learned how cooperation/ team work is important to reach success. They also developed their own sense of fair play and to be joyous for the winning team; recognising why and how they won the competition and, importantly, dealing with the feeling of losing positively.

Miss Nisreen

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