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Weekly Learning Review : Week Ending: 9th of March 2018

Weekly Learning Review

Class: Year 6           Week Ending: 15/03/2018
We continued our theme of non-fiction and have been looking at instructional writing. In our first lesson of the week, we looked at the features and style of instructional writing; we discussed how it should be laid out and the different styles of writing that we can use to create an outstanding piece of work e.g. time connective phrases.
We moved on from this and looked at grammar tasks throughout the rest of the week. We discussed expanded noun phrases in our second lesson; discussing how we can use them alongside other techniques such as connectives and conjunctives to improve the standard of our work. We wrote about different monsters and used a series of expanded noun phrases to describe them effectively.
For out next lesson, we looked at an important feature of any instructional text- the semi-colon. We have covered this before and the children were able to easily master the skill of introducing a list using a colon and following it up with bullet points and time connectives to order. Finally, at the end of the week we wrote our own instructional texts in the Big Write lesson with many students hitting the success criteria.
In Mathematics, we have been working on linear sequences. We discussed what we might mean by a linear sequence and defined what the technique meant. We then discussed the correct way of solving sequence problems, finding a rule or a pattern and following it. The students were all able to spot the patterns and complete the sequences.
We followed this up with a more complex series of sequences. We looked at alternating patterns and discussed how we always have to be careful when answering questions like this. The students worked on the task carefully and the majority were able to accurately complete the sequences.
Our next step in this activity is to introduce the nth term to the students. Their impressive understanding of mathematics means we are planning to introduce this Year 7 skill in the third term of the year.
This week in science, we continued our topic on forces and motions and discussed different types of energies. As a class we mind-mapped the different types of ‘energy’ that we could think of and noticed that in the end we can categorise them in four different ways; Motion (Kinetic), Sound, Heat (Thermal) and Light.
We discussed what each of these types of energy might look like and then discussed where we might see them. Our example for this activity was different types of sports and we were able to see that different sports use different types of energy e.g. football is primarily kinetic.
The students then made a chart to look at different sports and decided which type of energy would most likely be used.
For Humanities, we continued our topic of World Geography. We looked at different capital cities throughout the world and looked at their locations based on their coordinates. We were able to discuss where in the world these cities are and discussed ideas such as the northern and southern hemisphere.
From this, we were also able to look at different weather conditions and understand that the location of cities within the world has a big impact on the climate that the place will have.
For PSHE this week, we attended the excellent assembly of Year 4 on ‘Helping. The students listened attentively and we were able to demonstrate our understanding of helping others throughout the week.
We also went to Fagnoon this week on our school trip where the students learned interesting ideas and skills in an enjoyable environment.
Mr Robert
Miss Nisreen

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