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Weekly Learning Review :Week Ending: 8 March 2018

Weekly Learning Review

Class: Year 6           Week Ending: 08/03/2018
The first week we continued our theme of non-fiction and have been looking at arguments. We started the week, as always, with a comprehension activity. We looked at a balanced argument discussing If children should start the day with a healthy breakfast.
We discussed why we needed to keep our arguments balanced; how there are always, at least, two sides to a story and how it improves our writing if we can write from a different perspective. After we had discussed this, we began to create our own topics for  arguments; we went to the computer laboratory and researched different things- being careful to find information for and against.
We continued to practice our balanced arguments and worked as a group on different important arguments. The students worked hard to think of arguments from both sides. Finally, we planned and drafted our arguments before creating a final draft in the Big Write.
In Mathematics, we have been working on addition and subtraction. Although a skill that the students have known for many years, we still need to  practice to improve our work. We looked at many different types of addition and subtraction problems and the students were able to demonstrate the formal technique accurately every time. The majority of the students can be seen as mastering this skill now and we can move on to more difficult topics over the course of the coming weeks.
This week in science, we recapped our knowledge of Topic 5, Circuits and Electricity, before the test on Wednesday. As a class, we discussed what we already knew and what we had learned from our lessons and experiments.

We discussed the components in a circuit; names and symbols and why electricians use those drawings to label their diagrams. We then recapped the different types of circuits, such as series and parallel, and discussed the differences and how and why we would use them. Finally, we looked at conductors and insulators; looking at different examples throughout the classroom and school so that we could understand these items in a real world context.

We were very pleased with the effort of the students over the course of the term and the results of the students were very impressive!

For Humanities, we continued our topic of World Geography. We looked at and discussed different environments across the world; comparing the deserts of Egypt to the mountainous regions of other countries. It is important for the students to understand why we should study other countries and so we discussed why we should look and respect other cultures across the world.
After we had compared similarities and differences in cultures, we once again compared the countries. We looked at many different environmental features of different important countries around the world and were able to select important details about all of them.
Mr Robert
Miss Nisreen

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