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Weekly Learning Review - Week Ending: 22 March 2018

Weekly Learning Review
Class: Year 6           Week Ending: 22/03/2018
During the first part of the week, we have been recapping our knowledge in preparation for our assessment. We have discussed several literary techniques that we can use and practised creating examples using them.
After we had mastered these different terms, we tried different writing styles to see if we could include them in the assessed piece of writing. We started the week by choosing one of three writing activities, a short story, a persuasive letter and finally a diary entry. We created a success criteria as a class that would allow us to achieve the best level possible and the students worked independently to draft their own answers.
We followed this up later in the week by practising biography writing. We discussed the features of a biography and what different techniques we need to include before the students wrote their own biographies of some of their favourite famous people.
We would also like to give a special thanks to the people who went on the trip to BSA this week to take part in the Literacy Mystery. We are proud to say that two members of Year 6 were on the winning teams at the end of the day!
In Mathematics, we have also been practicing for our assessments. We started the week by attempting a variety of questions based on topics we have covered this term, this allowed us to see the strengths and weaknesses of the students.
We covered percentages of amounts for two lessons this week; looking at how we can find 1%, 10% and 50% and use this information to find the percentage of any amount. Although the students initially found this difficult, we were able to practise the method until they were all confident in what to do- this will be useful if these questions come up in the tests.
We also looked at fractions with mixed denominators. We discussed how we need to find a common multiple for these fractions if we are going to add or subtract them. The students showed a good understanding of times tables and were able to work successfully on this task.
This week in science, we looked at another topic in Forces and Motion- Friction. We discussed how different surfaces allow objects to slide over them easier than others and as a class were able to decide that surfaces with more friction slow objects down.
We planned an experiment looking at how we can prove this, and considered what different types of surfaces we could use to test our theories. The students showed a good understanding of the topic and were able to use scientific vocabulary effectively.
For Humanities we continued our topic of World Geography. We looked at different capital cities throughout the world and looked at what makes them unique compared to others. We considered the different landscapes, cultures and sporting habits of different cities and began to select information that we thought was relevant. The students will be split into groups and will create a tourist presentation video of their chosen city using different geographical vocabulary to show their understanding.
For PSHE this week, we attended the assembly of Year 3. Year 3 taught us about empathy and the different between that and sympathy. The students listened intently and showed a lot of respect for the Year 3 class, pleasing the teachers.
We are hoping that Year 6 will be able to demonstrate this idea of empathy through the final term and will be able to place themselves in someone else’s shoes to see what they think.
Mr Robert
Miss Nisreen

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