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Weekly Learning Review Week Ending: 15th February 2018

Weekly Learning Review
Class: Year 6           Week Ending: 15/02/2018
This week in Literacy,we have been looking at poetry. We started the week by looking at an example poem about the Ancient Greeks. We discussed the structure of the poem, the techniques the author uses to create an effect and what the rules of poetry are. After this, we answered a comprehension task about the poem.
We then began to look at how we can write our own poetry. We looked at different rhyming schemes and decided to work on the ABAB rhyming scheme. We began to write our own poems based on this structure. We continued our work on poetry by looking at different styles and structures. We looked at Acrostic poems and shape poems and how they do not need to rhyme and we practiced writing these.
Finally, we wrote our own final drafts of our poems in the Big Write; using all the techniques the children have learned and showing independent learning by choosing the structure and topic they wanted to write about.
In Mathematics, we have been working on the area of shapes. We discussed what area is and how we find it in a rectangle. Following on from this, we began to look at compound shapes. This is a complicated skill and took two lessons for the students to begin to understand how to infer missing numbers from shapes.

Once we had mastered compound rectangles, we could begin to look at other shapes as well. We discussed triangles and how to find their area using the formula Half Base x Height’. When we had mastered this, we were able to attempt compound shapes using triangles as well as rectangles.

We finished our science topic this week and began our new one entitled Forces and Motion. We considered how we can measure forces and planned a fair science experiment using newton scales. We discussed what we would need to do to have a fair test and what our variable would be.
After we had planned our test, we went down to the science laboratory to attempt the experiment. The students were broken up into four groups and measured the weight of different items they could find in school. They recorded their results in a  table.
For Humanities, we finished our topic on the Ancient Greeks. We recapped all of our knowledge from the half term- Myths, Legends, the Ancient Greek Gods and many more things. The students remembered a lot and seem to have enjoyed this topic.
For our final lesson on the topic, we looked at the infamous Trojan War. We discussed how and why it was written about in the Ancient Greek poem the Illiad. We thought about how the Greeks might have reacted to the news of the fall of Troy and wrote our own news scripts before acting them out as ANN, the Ancient News Network!

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