Friday, 9 February 2018

Week Ending: 8th of February 2018

Weekly Learning Review
Class: Year 6           Week Ending: 08/02/2018
This week in Literacy, we have been looking at thrillers. We discussed what thrillers are and how authors create tension and fear in their writing. We looked at a short story on Sunday and answered questions about the plot, characters and setting.
We moved on from this and looked at creating mysterious settings in our next lesson. We considered how authors set the scene and used different literary techniques such as metaphor, simile and ellipsis to create tension. The students began to write their own descriptions of settings based on this.
Next, we looked at characters and how a character can be scary through writing. We watched a short video on a thriller character and described them using our knowledge of different literary techniques. We then chose our own characters from a list and began to write and describe them in the same manner.
Finally, we began to prepare for the ‘Big Write’. The students planned and drafted their stories before perfecting them on the final day of the week.
In Mathematics, we have been working on coordinates. We discussed what coordinates are and considered where we might use them in the real world. From there we moved on to plotting coordinates on a single quadrant of a chart.
After this lesson we looked at the harder skill of plotting coordinates in all four quadrants of a chart. We discussed that the technique remained, largely, the same. However, they noted that the only change being is that now have to deal with negative numbers as well. The students were excellent at this and continued to develop this skill through coordinate battle ships, where they teamed up with a partner and attempted to figure out the correct coordinates.
The students mastered this skill after half a week and were able to move onto the next unit, 3D Shapes. We discussed different 3D shapes and made models of them to visualise the faces, edges and vertices. We finished the week by looking at more 3D shapes and figuring out what 2D shapes we would need to combine to make some 3D shapes correctly.

We carried on with our topic of Electricity this week. The students demonstrated an excellent knowledge of conductors and insulators and could design and create their own circuit diagrams using the correct symbols.
We planned a fair test in this weeks lessons; discussing what we would need to keep the same and what we could change (the variable) in a science experiment. When the students had perfected this, they were mixed into groups and attempted their experiment in the science labs.
Sharing ideas in a science lesson is an important skill and listening to other people’s opinions, that we normally would not hear, is important to our learning and understanding. The majority of the students were able to work maturely with their classmates and perform the experiment to a high standard.
For Humanities we continued with our topic on the Ancient Greeks. This week, we looked at different Ancient Greek myths and legends. The Ancient Greeks are renowned for their stories and we felt it was important to listen and understand them.
The students were each given a story to read and in groups they selected the most important information. They were then given time to create a presentation on this story and were able to present them to the class, allowing all the students in the class to hear and consider a different myth.

Mr Robert
Miss Nisreen

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