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Weekly Learning Review 24 January 2018

Weekly Learning Review

Class: Year 6           Week Ending: 24/01/2018
This week, we have been looking at the Historical Fiction genre. Reading and understanding Historical Flashbacks in fiction is a skill we need to practice in Year 6 and this week we have been gaining an understanding of how authors write in the past.
We started the week with a comprehension task on a History short story. The students answered questions about the style of the writing and the different literary techniques used to create a historical setting.
We then began to explore different historical settings ourselves. Using the knowledge we have gained from studying the Romans and in National Studies classes, we were able to discuss different historical features and what they would we would experience if we were there at the time. When we had gained an understanding of this, we began to plan our stories using the Story Mountain planning sheets to aid the ‘Big Write’ session.
The standard of the students writing is improving all the time and we are very pleased with their progress through the year so far.
In Mathematics, we have been working on factors. We looked at factors in the first term but took our knowledge and understanding to the next level over the course of this week.
We started by refreshing our understanding of what factors are and finding factors for different numbers. We were then able to progress by using Factor Trees to discover what the prime factors of different numbers are.
The students demonstrated a good understanding of multiplication this week and were able to easily find the highest common factors for pairs and other groups of numbers; an important skill for later in the year.
Finally, we looked at the lowest common multiples of numbers, using our understanding to successfully figure out and answer several questions.

We carried on with our topic of Electricity this week and over the course of two lessons found out some exciting things. We were very impressed by the studentsability to recall the electrical symbols from last week and their ability to design their own circuit diagrams accurately.
This proved very useful when we visited the Physics laboratory to build our own circuits. The students were tasked with interpreting different circuit diagrams and making real circuit models. We discussed the difference between series and parallelcircuits and were able to see how electricity flows differently.
Finally. we discussed and planned an experiment for next week. We discussed what  insulators and conductors are and were able to make predictions about what we think will happen in a circuit if we use different materials, e.g. wood, plastic and cotton. We are excited to find out the results next week.
For Humanities, we continued our topic on the Ancient Greeks. We discussed our knowledge from last week and were pleased to learn that the students remembered key Greek figures and had found out interesting information about Greek Myths and legends.
For the lessons this week, we looked at the Ancient Greek deities; we discussed how the Ancient Greeks believed they lived on Mount Olympus and the original Olympic games were for them! We then discussed the different deities themselves and what powers the Ancient Greeks believed they had. The students then used their historical research skills to produce posters telling others about an individual, e.g. Zeus, Hades and Athena.
Mr Robert
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