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Weekly Learning Review : 18th of January 2018

Weekly Learning Review

Class: Year 6           Week Ending: 17/01/2018
Our topic for this half term is Fiction and this week we have focused on the Action/Adventure genre. We have discussed genres over the past two weeks and have discussed the differences between different types e.g. Comedy and Action. This week, we were ready to begin writing our own Action/Adventure stories!
We started the week by reading and answering questions on a Action story. The students were able to pick out different features of the text and answer the question in an informed and creative way. The progress made from the beginning of the year is excellent and many are demonstrating a strong understanding at this stage.
Following on from our comprehension activity, we began to look at different scenarios that an Action story could take place in. We wrote story openers for many different settings such as on board a spaceship: in a lost city and following the Egyptian adventure at the upcoming World Cup. To improve our standard of writing, we looked at different types of verbs. We discussed Active and Passive verbs and how we can use them to change the way information is presented in stories.
The final part of our Literacy this week was planning for the Big Write. We used the story mountain format to discuss the structure of a story and how we can improve our writing. The students contributed to an extremely creative class story on the whiteboard before planning their own stories and writing them. We were very impressed with their efforts!
In Mathematics, we have been working on decimals. We started the week by discussing place value. The children then identified the different values that the positions mean. Following on from this, we moved on to ordering decimal numbers. Once again, we looked at place value and discussed what numbers were the biggest on a number line. The students were very good at this and were able to order numbers to three decimal places.

We worked on converting metric units into decimals by multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 and then discussed adding and subtracting decimals using formal written methods. Finally, to close the week we looked at multiplying and dividing decimal numbers.
We introduced a new topic in Science this week with the students looking at Electricity. As this was the first week of our new topic, we focused on introducing the students to the different electronic symbols and using them accurately to create circuit diagrams. The students were able to identify the correct symbols for wires, bulbs, switches, buzzers, motors, cells and batteries.

When the students had gained an understanding of electronic symbols, we were able to discuss creating circuit diagrams. The students were given several examples of incorrect circuit and were tasked with correcting them, which they were able to do successfully. Once they had shown an ability to identify and correct circuits they were able to build their own and gain an understanding of how electronic circuits work.
For Humanities, we started a new topic on the Ancient Greeks’. The Ancient Greeks had a huge impact on history and this is an interesting topic for the students to look at! For our first lessons on the subject, we discussed who the Greeks were; where they are from in Europe and how the Ancient Greek Empire expanded over time. We discussed the most famous Ancient Greek of all, Alexander the Great, and began to understand his influence on the world.

Once we had discussed this, we created a timeline for the students to understand when things happened and brought together our current knowledge of the topic by creating a poster to show what the Greeks enjoyed and what they are remembered for.
Mr Robert
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