Friday, 24 November 2017

Weekly Learning Review

Week Ending:  23rd of November

Class: Year 6           Week Ending: 23/11/2017
Our focus this week in Literacy has been on Non-Chronological reports. Continuing our theme on non-fiction, we have looked at how to write a formal report based on a topic. We have made cross-curricular links this week as we brought in our knowledge of conservation to write a report about the rainforest; what a rainforest does; why a rainforest is  important and the dangers it  faces such as deforestation.
The students researched the ‘Rainforest’ topic through the week and created ‘diamond nine’ plans to help decide what they thought was the most important aspect of the rainforest. For our Big Write’, we put all of our information together. The students produced some excellent reports that are engaging and thought provoking.
Our grammar focus this week has been on expanded noun phrases. The students were able to identify noun phrases in sentences; expand them to convey extra information and,finally, write their own without assistance. Writing expanded noun phrases is an important skill in the curriculum and will be useful throughout the whole school year!
In Mathematics, we have been looking at developing our mental maths skills. The children are already accomplished in following the formal written method to solve problems but we wish to emphasise that there are different, albeit still correct, methods.
The students have looked at several different ways to solve problems mentally; rounding and giving back; partitioning, reordering and, finally, counting on and back. The students found this difficult at first but after working through these mental skills throughout the week, the students have become quite successful at identifying and using different methods to solve sums.

In preparation for the end of unit assessment next week we have gone back and revised the human body and organs. Rather than having a ‘boring’ revision lesson, we instead invited the students to become teachers and create presentations to inform their classmates.
The students were separated into small groups of 2/3 and asked to research different organs within the human body; what that organ does; why it is important and what would happen if that organ failed to function correctly and efficiently. At the end of their research time, the students presented this information to the class and teachers before being asked questions.
For PSHCE this week, we have been looking at the theme of ‘Respect. We had an interesting assembly presented by Year 4 that told us a lot of information about what it means to be respectful. Importantly, the children were able to bring that knowledge into the classroom!
We have been practising for our Christmas show this week and the students have consistently shown respect to their classmates as they practice songs, dances and practised their lines.
Mr Robert

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