Friday, 17 November 2017

Weekly Learning Review

Weekly Learning Review 

Week Ending: 16.11.17

Class: Year 6           Week Ending: 016/11/2017
Our focus this week in Literacy has been on biographies. Following on from recounts last week, we  looked at biographies in more detail. We  answered comprehension questions based on a biographical text;  looked closely at the layout and features of a biography and also looked at how timelines can be used to chart the major events in the life of a figure. This topic is building up to our Big Write on the Thursday when we will write a Biography for the main character of ‘Holes’, Stanley Yelnats.
Our grammar and punctuation focus this week has been on subjunctive forms. We have looked at subjunctive verbs and nouns and discussed how they can be used to express dream and aspirations. This will be particularly useful for our biography Big Write.
In Mathematics, we have been looking at angles. We have discussed units of measurement and how we  measure angles. We discussed how many degrees are in a full circle. Upon understanding that there are 360 degrees in a circle, we have been able to work on solving angles around a point. We have been able to calculate missing angles using the information we already know and have inferred angles to calculate accurately.
We have also looked at angles in a triangle. We have discussed how triangles always have 180 degrees in them no matter if they are equilateral, scalene or isosceles. As soon as the students were able to understand this, we were able to calculate missing angles.

The students continued to create posters; discussing the environment and the influence of humans upon it. We have looked at different biomes and discussed what makes them unique and then discussed how humans can improve or detract from these environments.
The students worked in small groups to discuss different influences to the environment and will be presenting their findings shortly!
For Humanities this week, we have been lucky enough to experience a real Roman setting. By going to the Roman Amphitheatre and Pompey’s Pillar we were able to physical see what we have been discussing in class. The students were excited to spot mosaics, baths and see what a real amphitheatre would have looked like. We were also able to spot ancient hieroglyphics on statues and columns.
By visiting this location, we hope to have inspired the students to seek out, and understand their country’s rich and extensive history. These objects are unique to Egypt and it is an exciting opportunity for the students to see them in real life.

 Miss Nisreen

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