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Weekly Learning Review - Week Ending: 12/10/2017

Weekly Learning Review
Class: Year 6           Week Ending: 12/10/2017
This week in Literacy we have continued to expand our knowledge of fiction writing. As a class, we have read and discussed more chapters of ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar. The children continued to develop their understanding of how authors use writing techniques to develop characters and settings.
Our writing task for this week has been to create an informal letter from Camp Green Lake. We have discussed the features of a letter and then looked at different techniques we can use to engage the reader. We worked on adjectives and adverbs and have used them to improve sentences. Additionally, we practised our drafting skills by creating a plan for our writing. We capped the week off with a Big Writewhere the children brought together all of their knowledge and produced their letters.
In our guided reading sessions, we have been working on spelling, grammar and punctuation. The children have up-levelled a piece of work by finding spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes and correcting them. The children have also practised their dictionary skills by looking up incorrectly spelt words and correcting them; an important skill for them to develop and they enjoyed the activity. 
In Mathematics, we have been looking at common multiples. The children have been reinforcing their knowledge of their times tables by seeing which of the tables share multiples with others. During the second half of the week, we have begun to look at factors. The children have continued to use their number skills to find these answers. By practising these times-table recall skills, the children have developed their mental mathematics skills; an attribute that will help them in the long run.
We have continued to look at Humans and other Animals this week. The children have shown an understanding of the difference between a body part and an organ within the body. We have looked at the different systems within the body such as the respiratory system and the digestive system and have begun to understand what they do and their importance. The children have identified the locations of the major organs within the body and have labelled diagrams explaining where things are and what they do.
In our Humanities lessons, we have continued to look at the Romans. The children looked closely at a Roman Soldier this week and attempted to understand what it would have been like to be a soldier within the Roman Army. We looked at a number of primary and secondary historical sources and used our research skills to label what the average soldier would have worn. The children were also able to find the correct names for the equipment and explain why they were needed.
Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education
Our focus this week in PSHCE has been Cooperation. We have discussed this theme in an assembly and also in the classroom; discussing what the term means and how we can cooperate with each other in, and out of, the classroom. We have introduced ideas such as the ‘House Points’ system that encourages the children to work together to achieve the most that they can. We are hoping to see lots of cooperation in the coming weeks, especially with Sports Week so near!
Mr Robert

Miss Nisreen

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