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Weekly Learning Review - 19 Octoer

Weekly Learning Review

Class: Year 6           Week Ending: 19/10/2017
This week in Literacy, we have been looking at newspaper articles. We have discussed the layout, purpose and language used in newspapers and will be writing our own articles discussing ‘Holes'. 
One of our biggest priorities this week has been on English language skills, and we have looked at several key languages features that can help us to improve our writing. The children have practised alliteration, rhyme and the use of puns to create interesting and engaging headlines. We have looked at the use of facts and opinions in newspapers; how we use colons in sentences to add lists and finally how, and why, we add direct speech to an article. While these skills are closely related to newspapers, we can also use them throughout the course of the school year allowing the children to produce a higher standard of work.
In our guided reading sessions we have continued to work on spelling, grammar and punctuation. The class is split into three groups that work on a different activity each day. One group finds spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes in a text and corrects them; a second group works on dictionary work to improve their vocabulary and the third group works on a comprehension activity relating to a text. 
In Mathematics, we have been looking at 2D shapes. We have discussed the properties of 2D shapes such as parallelograms, quadrilaterals and kites.We described  their properties such as sides, corners and other features. We have practised drawing 2D shapes accurately in our books; a skill that we will cover again in the future.
To end the week we have been looking at the angles of shapes. We have discussed that quadrilaterals always have four sides, four corners and angles that add up to 360 degrees. With this knowledge in our mind we have been able to use a protractor to figure out the angles of regular and irregular shapes.

We have continued to look at Humans and other Animals this week. Our area of interest this week has been the ‘Lungs. We have taken a close look at the lungs and how they work and have identified key parts of the lungs, such as the tracheanasal passage and diaphragm.
We then looked at the lungs in closer detail, looking at features such as the alveoli’. This helps us to breath. We discussed the purpose of the alveoli and thought about how some illnesses, such as asthma, can affect our breathing.
In our Humanities lessons, we continued to look at famous figures of the Roman Empire. We looked at Julius Caesar in more detail, using primary and secondary sources and we found out about his life and career. The children showed excellent existing knowledge on this topic and impressed us greatly by using knowledge gained in their national studies lesson to discuss the influence of the Roman Empire on Egypt. We have begun to think about why the Roman Empire was so successful in battle and will discuss in more detail what tactics the Roman Army used against their enemies.
Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education
Our focus this week in PSHCE has been on the importance of exercise on the body. We have discussed bad habits that make us unhealthy, such as lack of sleep, no breakfast and a high fat diet. We also found out how ‘bad habits’ might influence our ability to exercise to the best of our ability. We thought carefully to see if we are getting enough exercise at the moment and thought about how we can improve our habits regarding exercising regularly. Finally, we discussed types of exercise that we enjoy doing. We now understand that there is always a type of exercise that you will enjoy doing- you just need to find out what it is by trying different things!
Mr Robert

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